Neomedic is a visionary healthcare company that is a market leader for Consumables, Pharmaceuticals and Over-the-counter medicine (OTC) brands. Our pioneering approach offers access to affordable high-quality healthcare with a comprehensive choice of therapeutic options. This means that we can provide multiple solutions to multiple medical problems

Our broad portfolio includes world-leading products manufactured to the highest levels of quality. Our competitive pricing strategy, brings them within the reach of both the private and public health sectors. This positions us uniquely to serve an increasingly competitive and demanding healthcare market.

Our Product Range


Consumables Range

Neomedic began as a medical consumables company, providing everything from basic, everyday consumables to high value medical disposables for specialist use. Our portfolio of trusted consumables is divided into 13 product ranges..


Pharma Products

Neomedic has evolved into a broad-spectrum healthcare company by launching a comprehensive range of pharmaceuticals and over-the-counter medicines.Our pharmaceutical portfolio includes over 300 pharmaceutical products..


OTC Range

Neomedic also offers nearly 70 over-the-counter (OTC) medicines. These give patients the option of self-medication for common, everyday ailments and we continue to launch new single and combination product lines in the following segments...


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Our Distribution Network

Delivering value throughout our supply chain

Neomedic has a worldwide network of distributors extending across continents from North and South America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, to South Asia.

Neomedic UK +44 1923 836379

(Europe and North/South America)

Neomedic EMEA DMCC +971 44520687

(Middle East, South Asia and Africa)

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